PAYAP.Inc innovates the E-commerce market in Southeast Asia

We operate the influencer market collection web 'Sleepon' with competent developers and experts in each field

Our Service "SLEEPON"

Sleepon introduces chat bots to marketplaces based on interactive commerce, providing services that communicate with customers 24 hours and lower the operating costs of sellers.

Automate Consumer Service

You can set up any message, and it will interactively answer to the customer.

Easy-data management

Product list, Order, Sale,Inventory data management will be easier and faster

Reduce Operation-cost

Sleepon is free. However, Sleepon provide a high quality of service. You can reduce the operating costs through Sleepon

SLEEPON, a company that helps anyone achieve their dreams

We want to dream together and make a better world with all members. We are proud to say that we are a team that strives more diligently and provides better service than any other team worldwide. Individuals are experiencing various projects in the company, grafting onto services, sharing their vision with the company, and dreaming together. For a better tomorrow than now, we will strive to give passion and influence the greater market together with Sleepon members.

PAYAP Culture

Sleepon aims to work with diverse, talented and ambitious people. We belive that you are highly motivated and do not hestitate to face challenge. If you want to challenge and make an impact, you are not alone, Sleepon will dream with you and support you to achive your goal and dream. 

Who choose us

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CEO: Kyungseok Hur

Company Registration Number:  303-86-01300

Address: 1425, 364, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Phone number: +82 10 4199 2844